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Let Us Take Care Of It

our professional services Include:

Our commitment to exceeding our clients' expectations through a proactive and progressive approach to every project.

You Have Our Guarantee:

New Construction

Licensed & Insured, we are a local builder that offers a unique skill set and a team of professionals to finish your New Construction. We strive to deliver NOTHING but the BEST.

From The Ground Up

Our team works vigorously to ensure your project is delivered on time and exceed your expectations. We have great relationships with the local building departments to ensure we can get your permits pushed through and approved so we can start building.

The homes we build and design are state of the art, using the latest LEED sustainable practices, and cutting edge technology to develop a truly smart home that is also efficient. Using the latest building requirements for New Jersey, we build the strongest, most efficient homes on the market. We believe that when we build a new home for our clients, it is our mark we are leaving for the world to see, and we will ensure that it will impress for years to come!  We stand behind our work and always see each project until the very end.

Kitchen & Bath

We are proud of the work we do, and never take the smallest details for granted. Complete customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Level Up Your Space

A kitchen can be as much of a work of art, as it is a functional place to cook, eat, or entertain. It is certainly the center of a household. What differentiates Taylor Built is our ability to deliver a complete kitchen remodeling vision, while consistently ensuring the small but artful details are not overlooked.

Whether you are looking to upgrade elements of an existing bathroom, or completely revamp an entire bathroom layout and design, we have the team that can bring your vision to reality. We handle bathroom projects from start to finish.

We can handle kitchen and bath projects for homes of all sizes. Our highly qualified team takes pride in every cabinet, tile, countertop, sink, faucet, appliance, and light figure – our craftsmanship is highly regarded. You’ll be proud to show off your luxurious kitchen and bathroom!


Whether your home needs an addition or you want to restructure the layout of your house to create a more functional floor plan, you need an expert builder who can seamlessly integrate remodeling into your living space to create a refined, authentic look.

Refresh Your Home

While we love to build new homes for our clients, a LARGE part of our business is Remodels. From Kitchens and Bathrooms to Family rooms, porches, bedrooms, and more, Taylor Built is the seasoned expert for home additions and remodeling. We can give your home’s interior a facelift with a modernized kitchen or bathrooms, make your bedrooms more functional, or add living space for your growing family. We use only the best materials to give your addition or remodel a luxurious, refined appearance.


We work with a talented group of designers, architects, engineers and a great team of professionals that help us visualize any project with our clients, far before we break ground.

Trust The Process

Design is a very important part of our process and we believe it’s the only way to ensure our client can visually see the future project, and our team is seeing it exactly how you want it to be delivered. We will walk you through every step of this Design stage.